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Making monotypes and paintings influence both practices and come from the same impulse – to utilize both direct and indirect methods of creating marks and applying pigment. I like unforeseen results when I start with a pattern or ghost-print that creates a surprise when successive layers are applied. Similarly, fluid viscosity marks rolled over with thicker ink or paint generate new marks and repetition.

Recently I’ve been working with wood patterns transferred from raised-grain plywood or wood cuts. to evoke a sense of water movement, which also references growth patterns and the interconnectedness of things.

Wendy is intrigued by the interplay of water’s fluidity with the solidity of built form. Her imagery reflects places and times of day or season: moonlit night and luminous day, sunset and dawn’s first light, high and low tides - all dualities, like the reverse sides of a screen.

In her work she attempts to integrate those dualities, as a metaphor for the numinous and unknowable juxtaposed with the concrete here and now. Holding onto things to feel grounded, while being immersed and connected to the intangibility of it all. 

Wendy's work is shown widely, and enjoyed in private collections throughout New England.