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9 solo shows,
each in one room of the gallery,
displayed in gallery blink's signature style

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will bring radiance, enlightenment & warmth during the month of December.
And yes, there will be lights and candles. 

 It is a diverse show, with art in various sizes, styles,
prices and media - all displayed in our signature style.

Ceramics, Fiber, Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Printmaking, Photography, Woodworking, Collage, Encaustic, Stained Glass and more.

Art from more than 30 New England artists will delight you
and your friends, colleagues, holiday visitors and neighbors.


PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Sarah Alexander, Kristine Arnold, Laurie Bogdan, Jeanne Borofsky, Sandra Bowden, Mary Ellen Brown, Joan Carcia, Arlene Chaplin, Pamela Chiasson, Judith Cooper, Soosen Dunholter, Tracy Fischer, Ania Gilmore, Marv Goldschmitt, Jon Goplerud, Mary Graham, Judith Greenberg, Mike Gruber, Bredt Handy, Kimberley Harding, Lonnie Harvey, Dora Hsiung, Lisa Jobe, Pamela DeJong, Peggy Jungbluth, Richard Kattman, Julie Laukkanen, Barney Levitt, Tracey Maroni, Karen McCarthy, Amy McGregor Radin, Mary Rose O'Connell, Jeanine Pastore, Max Payne, Marie Peters, Carol Rissman, Gillian Ross, Gloria Ross, Marilene Sawaf, Betsy Silverman, Adrienne Sloane, Lucy Sprayregen, Sarah Springer, Marie Stabile, Lorraine Sullivan, Mary Teichman, Marina Thompson, Andrea Tishman, Kim Triedman, Amantha Tsaros, Daphné Verley, Laura Wallace, Karen Watson, Charyl Weissbach, Tom Whelan, Sharon White, Philip Young, 




200+ images by 30+ artists
(see below)

Goldman, Silverman, Sullivan

Goldman, Silverman, Sullivan

According to the word on the street (or avenue, in this case) gallery blink’s forthcoming show demonstrates that many visual artists also have a way with words. 

‘WORDplay’, our upcoming exhibition, features art inspired by text. Some pieces incorporate text as part of the image while others take their inspiration from a book, poem, play, newspaper, or magazine article. The show is not pun-free! 

Art ‘speaks’ whether or not text is included, but in this show, the inspiration of the written language combined with the visual language of an artist makes for a compelling body of work. Each piece of art has its own story to tell. We think it makes a good read.

Jeanne Borofsky, Sandra Bowden, Son-Mey Chiu, Judith Cooper, Christiane Corcelle, Deepak Das, Gracia Dayton, Susan Drennan, Soosen Dunholter, Tamar Etingen, Tracy Fischer, Ann Forbush, Patricia Gerkin, Ania Gilmore, Leslie Goldman, Dilla Gooch Tingley, Jon Goplerud, Mary Graham, Judith Hochberg, Dora Hsiung, Robert Hsiung, Lisa Jobe, Brad Johnson, Richard Kattman, Julie Laukkanen, Barney Levitt, Barbara G. Lucas, Sandra Mayo, Susan Paladino, Emily Passman, Marie Peters, Deborah Read, Gillian Ross, Gloria Ross, Connie Saems, Rani Sarin, Marilyn Sherman, Betsy Silverman, Marie Stabile, Lorraine Sullivan, Donna Hamil Talman, Mary Teichman, Marina Thompson, Kim Triedman, Amy Schupler Veaner, Karen Watson, Charyl Weissbach

JUNE 23 - JULY 16, 2017


images: Elizabeth Carter, Jon Macadam, Kay Hartung

images: Elizabeth Carter, Jon Macadam, Kay Hartung

BUZZ! postcard 2017 final.jpg

 a summery, pop-up exhibition of art
related to the life & times of the honeybee

florals, fields, honey and bees,
art made with beeswax, and more

200+ artworks by 30+ artists
from throughout New England

11AM - 5PM

( other times by appointment )

5 - 8 PM

Do join us!

3 - 5 PM
with encaustic artist
Jeanne Borofsky

Jeanne Borofsky

Jeanne Borofsky


Loosely related to the life & times of the honeybee, our show 'BUZZ' will be diverse and summery. Featuring florals, fields, honey and bees, along with a diverse selection of artwork using beeswax - encaustics, cold-wax pieces, batiks etc. BUZZ shows over 200 works of art from more than 30 emerging and established artists, based in the region. Visitors will enjoy a diverse range of work highlighting traditional as well as new techniques and innovative processes used by contemporary artists. Whether your preference is abstract or more realistic work, we're sure you'll find something that resonates with you. If you are new to artwork made with beeswax, you'll also have a chance to learn more about the process.

As with every show at gallery blink, the presentation of the work encourages visitors to experience art in new ways. We’ve become known for the way we hang and stage art. We often talk about how each work ‘speaks’ to its neighbor as a way of drawing in the viewer, but the staging also helps in this regard. We often place artifacts strategically near a piece so they draw attention to an aspect of the work perhaps not immediately obvious. One of our patrons put it like this:

“Seeing the artwork hung in context makes the viewing experience so much more meaningful. The work is technically great, but the focus here is so much more on the heart and soul of what the art is about.”

With such an eclectic mix of fabulous, affordable works from so many emerging and established artists, we think you will really enjoy this show! 

We look forward to welcoming you here.

John & Gillian Ross

Participating Artists: 
encaustic artists: Jeanne Borofsky, Debra Claffey, Soosen Dunholter, Pamela DeJong, Pat Gerkin, Mary Graham, Kay Hartung, Sue Katz, Anya Leveille, Susan Paladino, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Donna Hamil Talman, Marina Thompson, Willa Vennema, Charyl Weissbach
other artists: Sarah Alexander, Hiltrud Bennett, Sandra Bowden, Anne Briggs, Selma Bromberg, Mary Ellen Brown, Elizabeth Carter, Lynne Cassinari, Son-Mey Chiu, Janet Clingerman-Hsiao, Florence Como, Judith Cooper, Christiane Corcelle, Stacey Cushner, Gracia Dayton, Susan Drennan, Ann Forbush, Marv Goldschmitt, Lonnie Harvey, Judy Bergman Hochberg, Dora Hsiung, Julie Laukkanen, Pamela Lawson, Barney Levitt, Jon Macadam, Sandra Mayo, Sharon McCartney, Hsiu Norcott, Jeanine Pastore, Jan Powell, Gillian Ross, Gloria Ross, Monique Sakellarios, Marilene Sawaf, Mary Teichman, Amy Veaner, Laura Wallace, Karen Watson, Sharon White