I strive to create calm in my universe by harnessing the chaos of diverse elements until each component finds its perfect place in each piece of art, and all coexist in flawless balance; thus harmonizing the confluence of chance and experimentation. Following the muse, and wielding the medium of paper, ink, wax, and glue, I venture to tell a story with paired down elements constructing unassuming compositions derived from life experiences and the inner realm of dreams and imagination. Through the exploration and portrayal of various spatial arrangements, I create a collection of visual vignettes filling each canvas with a delicate balance of images and characters from a timeless past to the ephemeral present.

Graduating with a BA in Fine Arts, Soosen's career as an artist has continued to evolve through master classes with master printmakers and painters, as well as a wide variety of artist workshops she attended where she experimented and explored a variety of philosophies and mediums, to further her education in uncovering her visual voice. 

A 2016 Ewing Award winner, Soosen has exhibited her art work in solo and group exhibitions throughout New England. She also finds time to curate shows as well as creating art. 

Soosen currently creates her art in her studio in Peterborough, She continues to find new sources of inspiration in walks around her home as well as from her overseas travels, and captures the essence of these places in her colorful, sophisticated yet whimsical style.