My work is often described as “high tech” – a welcoming, but unintentional, association to the image of computer chips. But my intent is to use yarn simply as a palette of paints. My goal is to explore new and unexpected expressions with fiber.

Dora Hsiung was born in China.  She and her husband raised 3 children in Newton, Massachusetts.  She attended high school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, received her Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Illinois and attended graduate school at Boston University. 

In earlier years, Dora worked on silkscreen prints.  Later she changed to tapestry weavings.  However, she is best known for her wall hangings using her original off-loom weaving technique: fiber wrapping over geometric armatures with color gradations and 3-dimensional patterns, that change with moving viewpoints.  She has been working and developing this unique technique for over 30 years.

Dora's fiber works range from miniature to monumental.  Her wall hangings have been commissioned in many building lobbies and atriums, exhibited throughout the United States and abroad, and are in private and corporate collections, including IBM, GTE and Cabot Corporation.