Most of my artwork incorporates the combination of photo images with acrylic paints to create a surreal impression. The photos are often used out of context for their visual texture, and it is only upon closer inspection that the viewer begins to discover that what appears to be recognizable is actually something else entirely. Elements of beauty are contrasted with the strong statements and pensive attitudes of the women depicted. Several of the pieces resemble icons honoring the complexity, angst and beauty of the female experience.

Cynthia Brody has been an exhibiting artist for 40 years.  Her interest in the psyche is reflected in her artwork which uses mixed media to create allegorical stories and moods. Photographic imagery is presented in new contexts, noticeable upon closer inspection. In her work as an artist, editor and therapist, Ms. Brody strives to raise the awareness and sensitivity of others regarding the human experience, and to the struggles and beauty which are an integral part of life. Cynthia is the contributing editor of Bittersweet Legacy - Creative Responses to the Holocaust, a collection of art and poetry published by University Press of America.