The beauty of the landscape has always been an inspiration for me. These vistas are meditative and blissful. I love painting on the Cape, especially salt marshes, and capturing the amazing Cape Cod light.

Lately I have been revisiting abstract work. My abstract paintings are more personal and more challenging to execute. While landscape paintings are about finding and painting subject matter that I find visually interesting... abstract art, for me, becomes more about an inner landscape that is looking for expression.

Peace, serenity and light are key elements of Carole Parrish’s landscapes and abstract paintings. She is best known for her skillful use of color and simplicity of design.

Carole began her career as an abstract painter. In the years since then, she studied commercial art, receiving a master’s degree from Pratt Institute in NY.  After  working as a designer, art director and college design instructor she was introduced to pastels in an oil painting class taught by Kay Hurley and has been working with them ever since. She loves the rich buttery quality of pastels as well as the purity of color and immediacy of the medium.