I find that creating works of art is a great source of pleasure and satisfaction.

To capture the images which interest me, I visit the site, take notes, and photograph the site from many angles. I then use these as references in the creation of a studio painting. The result is typically a realistic, detailed rendition of the scene. Within the past several years I have started to incorporate a more impressionistic style into my paintings. In some cases I have achieved this change by using palette knifes to spread the paint on a hard masonite surface, instead of using brushes on canvas. In other cases I have employed both brushes and palette knives.

My artwork is an endless source of inspiration and fun.

For 25 years Allan pursued a career in engineering and management. He has since been able to devote himself full time to his practice and has enjoyed working on a range of subject matter and in a variety of styles, from abstract to still life.  He works mainly in oil and acrylic. Over the past several years he has focused mainly on landscapes, harbor scenes, and gardens.

A member of the cooperative Depot Square Gallery, Lexington MA for many years, Allan has exhibited in several one man and numerous group shows. He enjoys working to commission also, and his work is in many collections.